Connect with the people around you in multiple ways on one site.

Onazelu is a social networking platform that offers multiple communication features, such as forums, groups, one-on-one chats, group chats, profile posts, and more. It is currently ad-free, and no payments are required.

No payment required.

Onazelu gives you access to the following features for free, forever.


Message your friends through Onazelu, and receive notifications by email. Group chats are supported, so you can talk with multiple people in one chat.


Post and/or read content in the feed of the groups that you are part of. Onazelu offers hidden, private, and public groups, and you can choose what members of the group can invite others.

Member Search

With Onazelu, you can easily find all your friends' accounts. All it takes is a search in the members directory, and you can send a friend request, block, or start a conversation.

Account Privacy

You can easily manage your account privacy in your profile settings. If you make your account private, only your friends will be able to access its information.


Take a quick look at Onazelu without logging into an account.

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No admission is required to create an account, and you can always delete it along with all your data.

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